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Is recursion the key to self organisation?

posted 22 Feb 2012, 05:50 by David Sherlock   [ updated 22 Feb 2012, 05:51 ]
Agent based models show the emergence and complexity that occurs from simple interaction between intelligent and purposeful agents situated in space and time. So I have been thinking, how do you design an intelligent agent?

The key message that comes from the community is K.I.S.S, and I have been thinking about simple agents that organise themselves without any central authority or planning and wondering how this could be done in a very simple maner. Thinking about how this might be possible took me back to some lectures a colleague gave on cybernetics about a cybernetic take on self organisation.

1)The cybernetic principle of the Black Box, Norbot Wierner said that the identification and reproduction of the Black Box as the key to self organisation.

2) Being a ‘Good Regulator’. This theorm came from Ross Ashby: 

"Every Good Regulator of a system must be a model of that system".

Is effective organisation based on very simple recursive principles? If I want to design the perfect ABM that self organises should the agents have recursive rules?  Time fo some programming reading and then to hit Netlogo.