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Messing with Curriculum Delivery tech in PROD

posted 15 Feb 2012, 02:31 by David Sherlock   [ updated 15 Feb 2012, 02:35 ]

Using a linked data store its incredibly easy to do these kind of what is linked to what style graphs. I'm using gruff and allegrograph here to find all the projects in curriculum delivery and how they are linked by technology to create a massive and useless picture. Because of gruff limitations I had to create a dataset just for CD where each technology had a project. I did this using construct then created a new repository in agraph using the results.

PREFIX foaf:  <>
PREFIX prod:  <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX doap: <>
construct {?technology prod:technology ?projectname . }
WHERE {    
 ?relationship prod:technology ?technology . 
 ?relationship doap:Project ?project .
 ?project doap:name ?projectname .
 ?project prod:programme "Curriculum Delivery" .

The result was a MASSIVE png (click to see how massive) that shows you how projects are connected by the technologies (but not standards) they are using, which while not very useful you can start to see some some technologies being a central point to quite a few techs. I guess if this where a bunch of people you could start to see who the gatekeepers are.

Franz have some SNA tools that plug into gruff etc so I could grab datasets from somewhere and start to mess now that I have the basic idea. Or I could try and do somethng useful with this dataset. 

ToDo: Install the R sparql magic thing, run this query, try some visualisation modules on it.