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Notes on Installing Alleograph triplestore

posted 15 Feb 2012, 05:17 by David Sherlock   [ updated 15 Feb 2012, 05:17 ]
Did this on OS X,

Grabbed the 64 bit version of Ubuntu server. Installed on virtual box. Grabbed latest tar, Installed allepgraph on Ubuntu virtual machine

tar zxf agraph- 
./agraph- /home/david/tmp/

add to lib/agraph.cfg

'sessionPorts 8000-8001'

start AllegroGraph by running:  

/home/david/tmp/bin/agraph-control --config /home/joe/tmp/ag42/lib/agraph.cfg start  

can stop AllegroGraph by running:

/home/david/tmp/ag42/bin/agraph-control --config /home/joe/tmp/ag42/lib/agraph.cfg stop 

Back to host machine.

Had to add 10035,8000,8001 to port forwarding. To use alleograpg web head to: http://localhost:10035 
Install gruff on local machine, connect to remote triple store at localhost 10035