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Gephi makes life easy

posted 16 Feb 2012, 02:00 by David Sherlock

It turns out that that the Gephi software makes Graphs very very easy (if it doesn’t crash and fail to give you any indication of why).

1)Install Gephi and Samantic web import plugin
2)Cobble together a simple construct query and add an endpoint (HERE IS ALL THE TRIPLES)

  ?x ?r ?y 
} where {
  ?x ?r ?y 

3)Press run -It magics something like this (all the projects and techs from PROD CD programme)

4) You then do the making it look pretty thing.

It seems that geting data out of places and into things that make it look pretty is easy. The hard part is making sense of the data (and making sure the data makes sense). What does the above image mean? Shouldn't technologies be the edges and projects nodes?