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Free Education

posted 27 Mar 2012, 02:50 by David Sherlock   [ updated 28 Mar 2012, 01:03 ]

All TV shows are cancelled at 1.30 on 27th March 2012. Every channel on every television is now features a nervous looking Michael Gove who is about to make an announcement. The whole country has stopped to watch. People gather around their local Tandy store shop window to watch the big announcement.  What could it be? The nation holds it breath. It is clear that they are part of a special event, something that happens once in a lifetime. Gove looks up from his notes and stares into the camera.  His eyes are filling up and his hands are shaking. He can hardly contain himself.  In a weak and shacky voice he finally gets his message out.

“We’ve done it, we’ve found a way to make education free. From now on all state education will be free. Thats right, education is now 100% free. For everyone.”

Suddenly the clouds part and ray of light shines onto the stage. A fanfare can be heard booming from the skies. Beautiful angels descend from the skies and begin to sing. Gove sprouts wings and he ascends into the air to join them in chorus. People across the UK start to cry, they kiss and hug one another in celebration. At Tandys all across the nation people are holding hands and singing songs of joy.

At 1.30 on 27th March 2032, 20 years later. Tony Smith was enjoying a juicy quarter pounder in McDonald. The burgers were not the only thing he enjoyed about McDonalds. He has lovely conversations about Jack Kerouac with the staff who sell him burgers. He shuddered to think of the McDonalds of his youth where the staff would ask him if he had read that weeks nuts magazine and get his order wrong.