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(ADVERT) Before the Transcendence of Humankind. A look back.

posted 7 Mar 2012, 07:55 by David Sherlock
(Translated into one of the ancient and overly complex systems of written human language)

Across the galaxy many species are currently working towards transcendence into the super organism hivemind. Of course we all know that two species on the now destroyed planet Earth achieved this goal many thousands of years ago; these are, of course, Humankind and the Jellyfish.  Humankind was the first of the two species. They were finally successful in the transcendence during the year 3000AD, however it was the period of 2000-2020AD that was full of important scientific and social milestones that fuelled the transcendence and had a lasting impact on the galaxy as we know it.

The first and most important scientific development was the ability to ‘Mine Twitter’. We shall not dwell on this knowledge, as it is now commonly known that the ability is the basis for space flight. Every school child now knows about the visualisation techniques of connected twitter users and how they led to the development of the FTL drive.

The second development to note came in the form of a policy idea from one of the Earth Governments. The Big Society was admittedly terrible in it’s first form, however the great tonsillitis outbreak of 2014 led the majority of the cabinet to be grounded and the temporary cabinet led by then leading sociologist Steven Morrissey made tweaks to the policy that ultimately led to the first education system. We are still unable to find evidence of any kind of education system of any kind before 2015AD.

The third milestone was the development of what was then called a QR code. QR coders were essentially a primitive form of the Galactic Basic Standard style of communication used across the galaxy today, but its invention paved the way from primitive word based languages to new more effective methods of communication. Language no longer limited Humans expression of thought and this of course led to the age of awakening.

Hopefully one day we will find the final jigsaw piece and join humankinds godlike hivemind. Until then The Humankind Museum is now open to the public on Planet Trantorum. Come and see our Humans for only 56 Space Credits:

Humankind today