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‘Nobody under 30 uses Twitter’

posted 15 Mar 2012, 12:53 by David Sherlock

‘Nobody under 30 uses twitter’ is a phrase I heard uttered in the University canteen a few days ago. While it’s not completely true, as personally I know a hand full of 29 year olds who dabble in the network, I’m pretty sure that different social media sites do attract a different demograph. A quick survey of the my department tells me:

*Every male under 30 has a reddit + steam account. All active. not one twitter account.

*50% of 30-50 year olds have a twitter account. About 50%active. No steam or reddit account

*Pretty much everyone has a Facebook account. About 50% of them are active.

Even surveying such a small landscape, its pretty clear that your interests and social groups offline affect the communities you join online. So doesn’t this represent a challenge for SNA, particularly when trying to identify brokers of different networks? Aren’t I a broker between the standards community and the gaming community? The quality of the data you have effects the questions you can ask, I guess the phrase ‘nobody under 30 uses twitter’ made me realise that SNA will always be being applied to a certain demograph depending on the network, and because of this we have to be careful what we ask and how we analyse the answers we get.